Molly Malone

Molly Malone is a replica of Coquina - a gaff rigged centerboard ketch designed and built by Nathanael Herreshoff for his personal use in 1890. Built and rigged of modern materials to plans published by Doug Hylan and Maynard Bray, Molly Malone is in all other respects faithful to Herreshoff's original design. Of particular interest is her light but versatile unstayed rig which is simple to set and strike and can be configured as either a ketch or, if conditions warrant, a sloop using the alternate step for the main mast. Fast, seaworthy, and capable, Coquina was one of Herreshoff's favorite designs and was a boat he enjoyed sailing on the waters around his Narragansett Bay home and shop for many years. Now, over a hundred years later, it remains a beautiful design that can hardly be improved upon and is a living tribute to the enduring genius of "The Wizard of Bristol."