Jim Tildesley-On Admiral Inglis

Holt Center | Saturday, November 2 | 3:00pm

Former Director of the Scottish Maritime Museum, Jim Tildesley, will discuss his recently published biography of John Inglis, “I am Determined to Live or Die on Board My Ship.” The life of John Inglis was so epic, it could have been a work of fiction. Starting as a midshipman in battles against the French and Dutch, Inglis went on to assume command of the Royal Navy schooner SULTANA (yes - that SULTANA!) at the age of 25, before ultimately ascending to the rank of Vice Admiral in the Royal Navy. Along the way Inglis hunted smugglers on the American coast, dined with George Washington, and was held prisoner aboard his own ship during a mutiny. Inglis’ story is a captivating one and Tildesley is the perfect historian to tell it.