Maryland Dove

Maryland Dove will be open for all listed Ship Tour times as well as extended tour hours from 9:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday, November 2.
Maryland Dove participate in Public Sails on November 1 & 3, but not on November 2.

The Maryland Dove, is a reconstruction of its predecessor built in 1978 and the original Dove, a 17th century trading ship. Hired by Cecil Calvert, the Dove accompanied the Ark, a vessel holding 140 colonists and their equipment to what is now Maryland in 1634. Later that year, Dove was sent north to Boston to trade corn for salt cod and other commodities, and in August of 1635, Dove was sent back to England with furs and timber to trade. Dove was never seen again, probably lost at sea. The new Maryland Dove, launched in 2022, serves as an ambassador for Historic St. Mary’s and as a public educational exhibit. Maryland Dove is owned by the state of Maryland and operated and maintained by the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission.