FAQ – General Information

Most events are held at the Chestertown Marina, 207 South Water Street, Chestertown, MD. Additional events are held throughout the Town of Chestertown. Please refer to the main schedule for specific event location information.
Waterfront Safety:
Sultana Downrigging is a waterfront event and visitors, especially those with children, need to be mindful of their surroundings. Please do not let young children roam the waterfront unattended.
Parking is available on the street and in several marked public parking lots. If you are going sailing on one of the Tall Ships, please leave sufficient time to park and make it down to the waterfront. THE SHIPS WILL NOT WAIT!
Coming by Boat:
If you are coming with your wooden boat and are interested in reserving docking space and being part of the festival, click here for more information. If you have a non-wooden boat, please contact the Chestertown Marina (410-778-3616) to inquire about slip space. There is plenty of room to anchor in the river and a dingy dock is available at the marina.
Where to Eat:
Food and drink are available in the Festival Village (ticket required, see additional information below). Chestertown also features a good selection of restaurants.
Where to Stay:
Sorry, there is no camping available, but there is a good selection of local lodgings.
Portable toilets are located at the waterfront and in the Festival Village. Please see the Festival Map for locations.
What if it Rains?
Absent a hurricane or tropical storm, Sultana Downrigging will proceed as scheduled. Please check our website and social media for updates about specific events.
First Aid:
There will be a small first aid station at the information tent at the entrance to the Festival Village. If you have a medical emergency please call 911. The 24-hour Emergency Room at the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Chestertown is located approximately one mile from the waterfront at 100 Brown Street, Chestertown, MD.
Lost and Found:
Lost and found will be located in the information tent at the Festival Village.

FAQ – Tall Ship Sails & Open Houses

How Do I Purchase Tall Ship Sail Tickets?
Tickets to sail on the Tall Ships are available online or by calling 410-778-5954. Any remaining tickets will be available to purchase at the Information Tent at the entrance to the Festival Village on the day of the sail, however many sails sell out prior to the festival.
If I Purchase Tall Ship Sail Tickets, Can I Get a Discount on Music/Festival Village Tickets?
Yes, if you purchase a ticket to sail on the Tall Ships you can receive a 20% discount on Festival Village passes. You can take advantage of this either when you purchase your sailing tickets, or later by using a promo code that will be provided in the email confirmation for your sailing tickets.
What is the Tall Ship Sail Refund Policy?
Sultana Downrigging 2019 Tall Ship Sail tickets are fully refundable (less a $5 per-ticket administrative fee) according to the following schedule:

November 1 Sails – Refundable Through 11:59pm on October 24
November 2 Sails – Refundable Through 11:59pm on October 25
November 3 Sails – Refundable Through 11:59pm on October 26

After the above-listed dates, tickets are not refundable but may be transferred to another name(s). Tickets will not be refunded due to illness, family emergency, etc. Ticket holders should be aware that Downrigging Tall Ship Sails are an outdoor activity. Sails will likely proceed in the event of rain or colder weather. As a rule-of-thumb, if the weather would permit an NFL team to play football, the Downrigging Fleet will likely sail. Passengers are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather! Downrigging Sails will only be cancelled if weather conditions are deemed dangerous by the licensed captain of a participating vessel. Due to the different sailing characteristics of the participating vessels, this decision may not be uniform among the fleet (i.e. some vessels may cancel while other sail). In the event of a cancellation, ticket holders will be informed as far in advance as possible and will automatically receive a full refund.
When Should I Arrive for My Sail?
We encourage you to arrive at the dock at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for your sail. Remember to leave time to park your car and navigate the waterfront.
How Should I Dress for My Sail?
Please dress for the weather and remember it will generally be colder and windier on the water. Here are a few hints:

• Wear layers so you can put on or take off clothes if/when necessary.
• Wear boots/shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry in the event of rain.
• If there is a threat of rain bring a poncho or rain jacket with a hood. Rain pants are great too. Please do not bring umbrellas!
• Bring a backpack to store your extra layers.
Are There Age Restrictions to Sail?
Children under five are not permitted to sail on the Tall Ships.
Are There Bathrooms on the Ships?
Yes, but we recommend that you use the facilities prior to boarding.
Can I Bring Food/Drink on the Ships?
A small snack or a bottle of water are absolutely fine. Please refrain from bringing a meal or any glass containers. No alcohol is permitted on the ships.
What About Open Houses?
Open houses are free. Please wear soft soled shoes. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

FAQ – Music & Festival Village

What is the Festival Village?
The Festival Village is an enclosed area at the Chestertown Marina featuring two musical performance stages, multiple food and drink vendors, seating, games, and other entertainment. With the exception of Saturday night’s performances at the Garfield Center, all musical performances will take place in the Village. If you aren’t on a Tall Ship, the Festival Village is the place to be for Downrigging.
Do I Need a Pass to Enter the Village?
Passes are required to enter the Festival Village on Friday and Saturday. Entrance to the Village is free on Sunday.
What Can I Bring into the Festival Village?
• Kids
• Empty, reusable, non-glass drink container (i.e. a cup)
• A portable chair no taller than 36″ when folded
What Can’t I Bring into the Festival Village?
Outside food, drinks, alcohol, coolers
Can I Exit and Reenter the Village?
Pass holders/purchasers for Friday and Saturday will receive a festival bracelet that allows unlimited exits and reentry into the Festival Village.
What Food/Drink is Available in the Village?
Check our Food & Drink page for details, menus, and prices.
Do I Need a Pass Just to Get Food/Drink in the Village?
On Friday and Saturday, yes.
What Should I Wear in the Festival Village?
The performance tents in the Festival Village are heated, but we still recommend that you dress for the weather. Here are a few hints:

• Wear layers so you can put on or take off clothes if/when necessary.
• Wear boots/shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry in the event of rain.
• If there is a threat of rain bring a poncho or rain jacket with a hood. Rain pants are great too. Please do not bring umbrellas!
• Bring a backpack to store your extra layers.
Are Festival Village Passes Refundable?
So long as the festival is held, Festival Village passes are not refundable once purchased. The only exception are Festival Village passes that are purchased in the same transaction with Tall Ship Sail tickets, and then only according to the refund conditions of Tall Ship Sail tickets.
Do I Have to Buy a Separate Village Pass for My Child?
Children 16 and under accompanied by a parent may enter the Festival Village for free. Parents must remain in the Festival Village at all times with children. Children will not be readmitted to the Festival Village unless they are accompanied by a parent.
Are Pets Allowed in the Festival Village?
Sorry, no pets are allowed. Service dogs are welcome.
Can I Use Recreational Drugs in the Festival Village?
No. Use of illegal drugs in the village will result in an immediate call to the police.