Lecture: Drew Shuptar-Ravis - "Eight Shirts, Seven Coats, Fifteen Wampum"

October 29, 2022 | 3:00pm
Havemeyer Hall at Sultana’s Holt Education Center, 200 S. Cross St.

The Sultana Education Foundation is excited to welcome living historian Drew Shuptar-Rayvis to Downrigging Weekend for a special presentation on Native American life in the northeast region from 1650 – 1690. Entitled Eight Shirts, Seven Coats, Fifteen Fathoms Wampum: The First Deeds, this interactive session is a mixture of active discussion and display of a wide variety of artifacts of both indigenous and European origin. Mr. Shuptar-Rayvis traces his own lineage back to the Accommac and Pocomoke tribes of the lower Eastern Shore, as well as Pennsylvania Dutch, Welsh, Swiss, English, Scots-Irish, Ukrainian, and Ashkanazi Jewish heritage.